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The Winners of 1st Arto-graphy Competition are : 

Digital Art

Misha Vrinda (Pune)

Rahul Chaturvedi (Ahmedabad)

Sanjay Agrawal (Agra)


Vivek Kumar (Jamshedpur)

Naina Mehra (Delhi)

Sachin Chaudhary (Kolkata)

All the winners shall be contacted shortly for prizes. We will be back again with the next season of the competition in the fall of the year. Keep updated.

After Blossom Film Festival had wrapped up, I got busy in setting up my studio and looking after other projects. I couldn't get much time this while to contribute towards an event. But this year I realized that I must continue my mission of promoting the art towards my fellow nation people. Our country is so rich in culture and especially art - whether its music, dance, painting, photography etc. However, despite the blazing talent we are just concentrating on monetary gains and forgetting the art completely which is not cool. We must take some time for things we love and who says you can't make bucks out of it. But for that, you have to bring your talent forward. Let your wings fly and contribute towards the progression of Art in particular.

If It is my hands, I would organized several event for every artist out there in all forms of Art. But my hands are restricted towards Digital and Manual Art. However, this year we have added another wing to our Project. Photography ! Yes this is a new dimension to explore and I personally would love to experience it. No, I am not going to sit up on the Judges seat for that. This job is going to be served by some awesome people we have selected for Judges. They will go through the entries and decide who's the boss! I personally love photography and It was my idea that this time we should combine Digital Art and Photography together to create a whole new sensation.

So here it is - Art-ography : All India Digital Art and Photography Competition that has already begun two days ago. I am extremely grateful to all of those who participated in our earlier competitions and submitted some outstanding work. My word of thanks also goes to the amazing people who took the pains for being the Judges and concluded their jobs successfully. This year its going to be even more exciting. I will keep you updated with all the details. What you have to do is to send us your awesome entries like you did before. Alrightie ;) 

It's just restricted to this competition. I would like to call out on every Artist to take part as much as you can in competitions that are organized online or in your city, hometown etc. If you don't participate, not only the Art inside you shall die but for other ones as well who took the pains in putting efforts to have you recognized. Not everything is done for Monetary gains. Hence it's upto us to come together in making this movement a success.

Here is the official link for rules and regulations : Must go through it once before you submit your entry